George B. Seitz The Last Of The Mohicans Essay

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George B. Seitz The Last of The Mohicans is a romantic, patriotic, action packed film from 1936 that portrays the British heroes and the American colonial allies fighting the French with their Indian Allies. George II and William Pitt send Major Duncan Heyward to reinforce Colonel Munro. Munro and his British army and the American colonials march north to occupy Fort William Henry. The British camp has a traitor in their midst named Magua who is a Huron Indian (Hurons are allies of the French) He gathers intel and tries to capture Munro’s daughter Cora several times throughout the movie. The main hero of the story is Hawkeye who is concerned for the wellbeing of the colonials, saves Munro’s daughter’s multiple times, fights for the British cause while maintaining his colonial devotion to the colonials, and wins the love triangle between him, Alice Munro, and Major Heyward. By the end of the movie, The French and British generals are friends, the colonials and the British are the closest of allies, Heyward and Hawkeye are two peas in a pod, and the Brits and Americans are off to slaughter their French buddies and all those savage Indians who align with them. George B. Seitz (1988-1944) was a playwright turned screenwriter, director, actor, and producer. One of his biggest pictures was this film, but he was also well known for his Andy Hardy serials. “A prolific director, Seitz, unlike many of his B-picture colleagues, survived the transition from silents to talkies quite

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