George Herring'S Article " The Legacy Of Vietnam" Talks

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George Herring 's article " The legacy of Vietnam" talks about the military clash between the communist North Vietnam, backed by its allies and the government of South Vietnam, backed by the United States and other countries that are anti-communist that happened in Vietnam during Richard Nixon 's presidency. The Vietnam War was a terrible war, especially for Vietnamese because a millions of them died during the war. The author not just describes the war itself; he also analyzes the killing and the attack that occurred during the war. In general the Vietnam War was the most costly war contrast to other wars and it was the most shocking eras in American history. The Vietnam War had an impact in American history. It brought fear from the war …show more content…

He tried his best not to lose the war because he does not want American war to be the loser. The United States troops were completely pulled back from Vietnam before the finish of March of 1973, yet America continued battling in Cambodia. North Vietnam did not respond to US notices and before the year 's over Nixon stayed weak after Watergate. In his article, the author said that Nixon tried to protect the Thieu administration in South Vietnam and let South Vietnam on the safe side because he needed the Thieu government to be secure. North Vietnam needed to have a unity but South Vietnam strived to be a free country. Nixon 's mission was to help and support the nations that are US partners such as South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, but other nations would need to shield themselves from the communism. When Nixon attempted to stay faithful to his obligation to the Thieu government in South Vietnam, Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger needed to proceed onward to different United State interests gradually. The purpose for these spending is to secure the Thieu government in South Vietnam. In his article, the author said that Nixon’s administration shows how much Kissinger feel afraid from the Negotiations that are full of twists. Despite the hostility between United State and North Vietnam, Nixon still threatening them that he doesn’t want to pay the amount if they do not want to adhere to the guarantee of the understanding, but when Richard Nixon resigned, the

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