George Mason Was An Anti Federalist

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George Mason was born on December 11, 1775. He was born in the state of Virginia it was the father to five boys and four girls. In 1759 he served in the Virginia House of Burgesses. He showed that he was an anti-Federalist pretty early on even with Virginia was still a colony. The reason he was an anti-Federalist was that he was personally offended that states such as Rhode Island had nearly the same power as larger states such as Virginia where he was from. This power imbalance led to him initially being dissatisfied with the way government was run, first wanting the colonist to separate from Britain, then opposing a centralized that didn 't proportionally represent the people. Mason was a representative from the state of Virginia. He is probably not as well-known as other "founding fathers" because it was against his morals and beliefs to actually sign the Constitution. In 1787 in Philadelphia he was one of the five most frequent speakers during the Constitutional Convention. It was during the last two weeks of the convention that he decided not to sign it. Certainly Mason was an anti-Federalist. Federalists were people who wanted a strong central government and a proportionally much weaker state government. Mason instead believed that government needed to be localized and the people needed to maintain their individual rights. His opinions were very controversial. He was supposed to smaller states having the same power as larger states in government, such as in the
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