George Moore 's Film Roger And Me Essay

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There is a spectrum to how a country’s economic system is run, and on one end is capitalism and on the other is socialism. Both are equally good and equally bad, and therefore moderation is the perfect combination of the two. As of today, America stands too close to the capitalist end of the spectrum, and thus there are many economic inequalities, in that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and pull the less poor down with them. In the example of Flint, Michigan in Michael Moore’s film Roger and Me, when the many workers laid off when the GM factory relocated suddenly became unemployed. Another example of capitalism gone too far is in Mark Dowie’s article “Pinto Madness,” when Ford’s lobbyists made it virtually impossible for lawmakers to make safety regulations on cars. Thus, with more socialism, so that the two are in moderation, there is a chance that all Americans can be truly happy. Capitalism and socialism are two extremes of a spectrum on which all countries fall; there are good and bad parts to both, and therefore a balance must be struck, as proved by extreme examples of capitalism in “Pinto Madness” and Roger and Me.

While every country falls along a spectrum between capitalism and socialism, America falls close to the capitalist end. This is because in America, most property is privately owned, and Americans value pursuit of personal profit and competition and consumer choice (Macionis 2016: 197). Of course, while there are publically owned things

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