George Orwell 's Animal Farm Essay

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Karl Marx, writer of Communist Manifesto along with Friedrich Engels, is represented as an old, wise pig in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Because Orwell is a democratic socialist and does not accept the ideologies of Marxism, he reveals the reality of communism and reflects his opinions through sardonic situations that occur among animals. The state of communism that Marx and Friedrich Engels describe is where the state is abolished, people live in a society where members work together in agreement and no one is exploited, and every member shares the rewards of hard work. The envisions of Marx greatly contrasted with the plot of Animal Farm. Old Major, a pig, had a dream that mirrored Marx and his dream of communism. This “dream” was ironic because it suggests that communism was only a dream and would never be obtained. The Soviet Union’s policies were seen as steps to reach communism, rather than the end result of communism, in which all animals of the farm endured. The characters in Animal Farm had to pass through this in between stage before becoming a complete communist society, and in reality they remained in this stage and believed they were close to their goal.

The animals, who were the laborers, fulfilled Old Major’s wish and overthrew the capitalistic men with a revolution, much like how Marx and Engels hoped for the day the Proletariat would overthrow the Bourgeois, the owners of private property. He focused on arousing the animals emotionally and didn 't mention…

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