George Patton Biography

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Alexandria Clovis
Mr. Thompson
Contemporary Studies 3B
3 December 2016
Biography of George S. Patton
While many look past all but a few things on the man George S. Patton, I decided to delve deeper into his life. Many choose to learn few things other than what they are taught in their history class. History is so very important to know, even if you choose not to like it. It will show mistakes people have made in the past and how we as a united nation worked to fix it. By learning more about just one subject we can expand our minds to places unimaginable. Generally when speaking of someone's history, we start at the beginning, which is where I’ll be starting today to get the most out of George Patton’s life. This is his story.
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This is also where George met his wife Beatrice Ayer. After graduating, he commissioned Second Lieutenant in the 15th Calvary Regiment.
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George made a brave move and decided to attend the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. At the
Olympics he competed for America in the modern day pentathlon. A pentathlon consists of five different events, they include; fencing, 200m freestyle swimming, show jumping, and a combined event of shooting a pistol and a cross country run. He came in fifth, but was disappointed with his overall performance. In 1913, Patton received orders to go to the commandment of the Mounted Service School. He then had his first real life exposure of being with the military, patrolling the border of Mexico under the commandment of John J. Pershing in
1915. Pershing had Patton accompany him on an attack against Francisco Villa, which gave
Patton even more recognition. After this, George was promoted to Captain and asked to command his own headquarters.
Next, in 1917, Patton became the very first member of the newly established U.S Tank
Corps in WWI. He served there until it was abolished in 1920. Over the course of his life Patton became extremely involved when it came to tank warfare. He continuously tried to look for …show more content…

To conclude, Patton is remembered as one of the most successful U.S. Field Commanders ever. Some even say he is one of the greatest military figures in history. From the beginning of his life to the end, he kept a strong attitude. Patton always managed to keep a strong eye on the future no matter what the circumstances were. He fulfilled his long time dreams of becoming a hero just like his ancestors. He was able to accomplish many more things than he could have possibly imagined. He competed in the Olympics, he graduated from West Point, he taught schools, came up with new inventions for tanks, was the commanding general of not one but two armies, and liberated over 81,000 square miles of territory while in Germany during WWII. Our lives today, as citizens of the free world, would not be the way it is if Patton had not accomplished all the things he had during his life time.
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