Essay on George Washington's Pesidency

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George Washington's Presidency

George Washington is regarded as a natural leader and the father of our country. He was the first president under the Constitution, not the first president of the United States. From the very beginning, he came into a job full of problems and a mile long to-do list. He had to set up the Judiciary Branch, deal with uprisings and conflicts between the natives and the western settlers, and try to keep together a nation that was falling apart. He created a group of advisors (the cabinet) to help him with certain issues. He had a few things on his mind at the time such as: stay out of a war, build up revenue to pay off Revolutionary War debt, and try to make peace with England.
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The Judiciary Act of 1789 established a six member supreme court. It was comprised of one Chief Justice and five Associate Justices. It had jurisdiction over all civil actions between states, or between a state and the United States. Also in the act it created thirteen Judicial Districts. Within these Judicial Districts were circuit courts and district courts.
After finishing the Judicial Branch, Washington finally got time to create the Executive Branch. The first offices created were the Secretary of the State, (headed by Thomas Jefferson) the Secretary of the Treasury, (headed by Alexander Hamilton) the Secretary of War, (headed by Henry Knox) the Postmaster General, (headed by Samuel Osgood) and the Attorney General (headed by Edmund Randolph). These offices became the backbone for the Presidential Cabinet. On July 27, 1789, Washington signed a bill into law reauthorizing an Executive Department of Foreign Affairs headed by a Secretary of Foreign Affairs.
Washington was the major player to the creation of the United States Government under the constitution. He did more in his first months in office than any other president so far. He was the best man for the job and the only man. There is no way that anyone can do as much for the government as Washington did so. He did a great job of setting up other courts around the

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