German Secret Weapons of World War II

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German Secret Weapons of World War II Introduction German jets had many unique designs during World War II. These designs have fascinated many airplane designers since the end of the war. My purpose is not meant to praise the World War II Nazi Air Force, but to show how Germany developed these airplanes and how they used them. It was fortunate for the Allied powers of World War II and the world that the U.SA.F. Defeated the axis powers. If the allies had delayed entering the war a few more months, this would have allowed the Germans enough time to produce large amounts of these jet airplanes, and the outcome would certainly have been different or too close for comfort. German technology advances in modern warfare were more of a danger to the world that many would like to admit. We are very fortunate that Adolf Hitler made the mistakes he made in the design and production of these advanced airplanes. Adolf Hitler was responsible for making decisions that either slowed or stopped many of these jet projects. The airplanes Germany had before anyone else were faster than anything flying at the time. So why didn’t Germany and the Axis powers win the war if this was true? The answer is that Allied powers produced more of the B-24’s the B-17’s and also P-51 Mustangs by the tens of thousands. The Allies also dropped thousands of tons of bombs on German airplane factories, until they destroyed all of the Nazi manufacturing plants and destroyed the entire German air force, along
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