Mid Western Germany Research Paper

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Germany is a country in Western Europe, they are also wealthiest and most populated country in entire continent. Germany has the large amount of people in western Europe and also has the best economy system there.
Germany’s landscapes are very similar to the United States, in Northern Germany that’s where you would find snowy mountains Mid-western would consist of the forested hills of the urbanized west. Even if Germany has a long history with everything from World War 2 and a lot of other events, the country is the youngest and newest even younger the United States. Germany.
Before 1871 when Germany was called Prussia the land before was made up of many little kingdoms and Monarchies. This is why the Germans many consider themselves …show more content…

Germany stayed but changed their name to Deutsches Reich which they had until the end of World War 2.
In the 20th Century in Eastern Europe Germany was the most successful and powerful out of the European countries including Russia. They ended up crushing the Russians in the battle of Tannenberg. Russia was completely destroyed in all this and was forced to sign a peace treaty in March of 1918. Also during World War one the Germans made a ship that can be uses under water to surprise allies’ ships during the war. These boats where dubbed as German U boats by the allies, and are also known now as submarines today. In April of 1917 there was a cruise ship called the Lusitania which got shot up and sunk by a German -U-Boat forcing the United States of America into war against them.

In September of 1919, this Austrian man by the name Adolf Hitler joined the politics. Adolf Hitler convinced people on the German committee that Germany was stabbed in the back by the Allies powers and the committee believed him and listened. They all came to the agreement that Germany was the best and was better than any country in the world and wanted all the Germans to live together to form a better, a greater Germany. The arty was racist and anti-Semitic which was understandable for the time being. In 1920 the small positions group was renamed the Nazi Party.

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