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ENGL2660 Reading the Nation: Essay Task
Racial stereotypes and perspectives are prevalent within both Get Out by Jordan Peele and Benito Cereno , originally published in 1855 by Herman Melville. They interplay the struggles of being a black man in a white society as well as demonstrating how segregation can still occur in a modernized society. Peele provides an insight to modern America’s “fetishism” for the black community creating a dystopia, whereas Melville provides insight into the confinements of race as well as perceptions of slavery. Both texts utilize irony and satire to portray the notion of slavery and emphasise how freedom is never fully achieved when regarding the black community.
Get Out
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The lyrics are also notions of white supremacy and the consciousness of that idea that the white community is actively isolating black people to steal their identities and cultures by the overbearing obsession to their culture. In this case, “stay woke” is a signifier that black communities need to be aware that their racial identity is being consumed by the constant attempts to racially stereotype.
Instead of indirectly demonstrating the obsession of the white community attempting to relate to the black community, Peele hyperbolizes the notion satirically through the notion of ownership. Brian Tallerico enriches that idea by exclaiming that “we often seek to possess cultural aspects other than our own” , whereby the white community’s notion of ownership is changing themselves to become black. This disturbing theme is consistent throughout the film, where Kaluuya finds himself hypnotized by Roses’ mother’s hypnotherapy. Furthermore, the idea of hypnotherapy is relatable to the symbolism of “class and racial privilege” , as the unsuspecting black victim’s mind and body is taken by the white mind. In the film, this is done through a neurological process of switching the subject’s brain into a host’s brain. The result of this process is that the “nonconsensual mental hijacking” mirrors “white liberal fetishism” that

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