Getting Interrupted During A Cycle Count

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Getting interrupted during a cycle count was annoying, especially by his always chipper assistant, Draven. Whatever qualities every possessed Markus to think he was a good fit this position escaped his memory at the moment.
“Good morning, sir. I have your list of assignments for the day.”
“Fine. I’ll get to them right after I finish my list from yesterday.”
“Someone’s grumpy this morning.”
Markus knew his replay had lacked the usual polite professionalism he normally strove for, but in his own defense…okay he wasn’t sure why he was irritable.
“Do you even know what’s it’s like not to be ecstatically happy?”
Smiling indulgently the smaller man, with neatly trimmed blond hair shook his head. Looking up at his longtime friend, Markus realized …show more content…

Taking the gently from his friend’s hand he unfurled, and gave it a little shake to activate it before laying it onto his desk. It began displaying information on this year’s tribute.
Draven’s taunt voice quickly spoke before he could get in out a rejection. “My Maria said she knows the lady Emily. Flip to her image.”
Huffing out an exasperated breath, he swiped his finger sideways pulling over a large facial close up. His chest tightened and for one brief moment he forgot how to breathe. The woman looking back at him had pale porcelain skin, large emerald green eyes and long dark hair. He fresh innocent face stared worriedly into the imager as she bit her bottom lip. Someone in the room must have spoken because she looked off to the side and laughed. It was cute how her shoulders scrunched up and she threw her head back.
Gasping his surprise, Markus spoke without meaning to. “You say her name is Emily.”
“Emily Jenson. Her father is the human prefect.”
“Hell’s fire, what did she do to anger the man enough to make her a tribute bride?”
“Perhaps their fawning, overly-solicitous favor currying with the humans has finally paid off and this is meant to demonstrate they now regarded the Vampiere as worthy mates for their daughters.”
Snorting a laugh Markus, was too jaded by his experience with humans

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