Getting Money Out Of Politics

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Larry A. Bates
Professor Jason Rachal
English 101 6 May 2015
Get Money out of Politics Money dominates nearly every aspect of civilized society. The influence is has in politics could mean the difference between a family having food to eat, or passing legislation. It is the grease that greases the political machine. Thanks to modern technology, a candidate must raise a lot of money to be competitive in their campaign. Most of that funding goes to television, internet, and radio advertising which can decide the result of an election. Though money is crucial for a politician’s ability to get their message out to as many voters as possible, it has many unintended consequences. Candidates must pander to potential donors to get their support. The democratic system turns away from a battle of ideas to a battle of donors. The potential for corruption is too great when the wealthy have a larger influence in legislation than the average citizen. Democracy is undermined when the votes of the wealthy few carry more weight than the rest of society. One of the main principles in America is that all citizens are equal. The vote of a homeless person should matter just as much as the wealthy. Campaign finance laws need to change so the use of money from corporations and wealthy donors are limited and transparent. The Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 (FECA) is a law that created the Federal Election Commission (FEC) which was intended to regulate contributions to political…

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