Getting On The Heads By George Orwell

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Getting in Their Heads This short narration is really interesting because why would a man George Orwell choose to write about literally shooting an elephant? There had to be more to it just like a few things in life. Since he wrote this during the British imperialism there had to be more to it. The story takes place in Myanmar (Burma in the story) and the location matters because it’s so precise. It’s sort of like when you take an art class and learn that color and background all have meaning. The strongly feel that the British felt it was their duty to civilize these people of Burma as if they needed to be taught how to be a good human being, in this case if you weren’t white you weren’t right. So of course heritage, culture, and rituals all try to be taken away. The whole “we need to teach these Burmans how to be civilized” represents how even to this day there are still the same type of race forcing themselves upon other countries and people. There are many examples such as, how police in America is a problem right now and has been progressively getting worse in the sense that we see crime and more crime on TV. How America thinks it’s their duty to go and save everyone who needs saving or may not even need saving at all. One can talk about how white men decided to own another entire population of human beings (Nazi times) or how North Korea is even to this day ruling over its own people, but the focus can very much be found right at home. How America tried to steal

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