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Why I want to Attend GHP 2013 The Governor’s Honors Program has been a dream of mine ever since by brother, Dammy, went there. He would talk about it constantly while I listened intensively. Dammy spoke of the classes he had for technology, his roommate, and the fun classes and activities he got to do after he finished classes. He told me about the time he went swimming and the gym class he had. Dammy also spoke about the new people he met, his PA, and how much fun they had. His words encouraged me to try and make it to GHP. He has always been my role model and I try to follow in his footsteps, especially when he talks about the activity with excitement. The variety of GHP has drawn my attention greatly. When a former GHP student,…show more content…
There are many different topics and styles to choose from. You can be able to talk about dinosaurs and technology in the same sentence even thought they did not co-exist. I am a person of variety. The text can be a fiction novel or a documentary. The variety makes it special and complex enough to enjoy the challenge. I enjoy challenges because they make me think and it is not possible to excel in these activities without deep thoughts. The good review of GHP has gotten further helps to encourage me to go for it. GHP seems like an all-fun camp but the 4 hour-long classes also sounds complex enough for me so much that I am longing to be a part of it and enjoy every second of it! The things I choose to do I work hard at. I find time to take care of what is needed to be done. I do what is needed to pass and/or excel in the activity I am doing. I remember, with excitement, how I was nominated from my English Language class at Woodland Middle School and finally selected, after taking the SAT exam, to participate in the all challenging yet memorable Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) in my 7th grade! Summer 2010 was one of a kind; we were on family vacation in Florida in the middle of my first ever encounter with an online college-level class at the Duke University. It was most challenging yet fun trying to turn in assignments in an unstable internet access environment. This thought is fueling my passion for GHP and is

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