Ghsty ' Two Places Of Gazelles '

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Ghsty 'two places of gazelles '
The gazelle had not the secular role in ancient Egyptian society which was represented through different phases of gazelle from give birth to grow up and hunting, but there is another ritual or religious side of gazelle in ancient Egypt; gazelle was used during processions of temples (Flores 1999: 33-34). The ancient word GHsty is mentioned in pyramid texts and was represented by two gazelles and referred to the place of two gazelles; this word is associated with Osiris place of death and resurrection (Griffiths 1980:22; Gauthier 1925: 63, 87, Duemichen 1865: Pl. LXV, no. 23). During Middle kingdom the gazelle have still played an important role; the word GHsty was mentioned on sarcophagus (Cairo 28027=T9C), (Banes and Malek 2000: 120; Newberry, P.E., 1893- 1900). The connection between god Khnum and gazelle came from the same epithet nb n GHsty 'Lord of Gehesty '; the epithet is represented by two gazelle , , in the Book of Dead which found in Karnak Cachette (TT 320, Bab el Gasus) we have two examples indicate the connection between Khnum and gazelle; first mention is found in chapter 17 Naville 1912: Pl. XIII, 8) and the second in Chapter 112 (Naville 1912: Pl. XXII, 12). In both chapters Khnum is titled nb n GHsty n the example from Chapter 17, Ghsty s written with the two standing gazelles drawn clearly and distinctively. The writing from Chapter 112 shows two recumbent gazelles. There is no apparent explanation for the reference

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