Gifted Minds Institution For Mental Health Essay

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Veorna Hibbert Southern New Hampshire University Mission Statement Gifted Minds Institution for Mental Health is a private non-profit company that is based in Stoughton Massachusetts. This company was established in 2000 to promote and assist individuals that are dealing with mental problems and other related health issues. The institution is a core part of a national and international mental hygiene movement. It has been on the forefront advocating for inclusivity and prioritization of mental healthcare in the American health plan. The main focus for this agency is to improve the awareness on mental illness and having different states join the force and recognize the problems that these individuals are facing. Gifted Minds Institution for Mental Health was set in place “to promote and advance community-based housing, education, healthcare, employment and treatment for children, adolescents and adults with mental illnesses or emotional disorders”. The institution also focuses on increasing knowledge about mental illnesses and the effectiveness of treatment through educational outreach to the public at large or to specific target groups. Companies like this are what communities need, they genuinely care about the community and everyone within the community especially individuals that need special treatment. …show more content…

It echoes the fact that it is ok to seek medical help when things don’t feel right your head or body. It emphasizes that we aim to improve the lives of the people we serve by providing exceptional health and human service to meet all their needs. Also, they seek to improve the community’s understanding of mental illness; provide education and opportunities for individuals on how they can identify the early signs of mental illness and the necessary steps they can take to get the right treatment they

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