Gilgamesh As A Hero

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Since long ago, people carried an image of what it means to be a hero. It is evident in some great books one might even say. As in The Epic of Gilgamesh, Antigone, and The Iliad, heroism is displayed and exalted, but what does being a hero mean? Overarchingly, in regards to these works, the heroes earn their titles as heroes by notably doing what is right when the time is right, with humane purpose, and an everlasting message. However, Gilgamesh, Antigone, and Akhilleus, being different in their purposes, everlasting messages, type of heroism as whole, can not compare in regards to heroic status.
Gilgamesh is a hero. He notably did good, had a humane purpose to do good, which in the end displayed an everlasting message. In The Epic of
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Gilgamesh displays this growth at the end of the Epic as he admires his city, “Survey its foundations, examine the brickwork!”, “Did the Seven Sages not lay its foundations?” (Gilgamesh 11.324,236) This was his act of of good. Realising what it takes to rule his kingdom, not like a tyrant, was what his message was. What truly made Gilgamesh a hero was his transformation from being a tyrant to a good king. Gilgamesh lived on through the foundations of his Kingdom, in a way, making him mortal. As people continue to study the epic, one might even suggest Gilgamesh obtained immortality as being remembered a hero.
Antigone too was a hero, however, in a different way. While displayed a message, she did good, and had purpose, it was all slightly different than Gilgamesh. Antigone stood against the King, Creon, her uncle, who ruled tyrannically. With this, her message shared some parallel to Gilgamesh, suggesting that if a Tyrant is in power, change is needed. She criticized her uncle for not being a king of the people, as he made it illegal to bury one of her brothers. Despite Creon being king, she expressed, “But he’s no right to keep me from what’s mine” (Antigone line 60). Antigone actively expresses that being a king does not give one absolute right over every person. Through this, she is able to send the a message that, there are humanly rights one can not

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