Girl Interrupted Analysis

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Pain demands to be felt. Through analysing one written text and three visual texts the reoccurring connection between them is mental illness. All four texts bring about the idea of pain in the world being inevitable and mental detachment from the world being the only solution, making me question the world that we live in. Fight Club (1999) written by Chuck Palahniuk, Girl, Interrupted (1999) directed by James Mangold, Requeim for a Dream directed by Darren Anronofsky (2000), and Clean Shaven (1993) directed by Lodge Kerrigan each show a realist perspective of coping with mental illness and the struggle of reality. Each character with their own reality that they face we see the lengths that they are willing to go to ease their constant pain they feel making the individual question the borderline of sanity and insanity. I …show more content…

The key to the detachment is losing all hope it’s when we lose hope that we essentially give up on life due to reality being too hard to face, and in that moment, we find freedom. In the novel Fight Club, the characterisation of Tyler Durden, is interesting in the sense that he creates a protective alter-ego for himself, “Hey, you created me. I didn't create some loser alter ego to make myself feel better. “ (Fight Club, 1999), this quote shows that Tyler’s unhappiness with reality is reason enough for him to create a different reality through adventure and the elements of adrenaline and danger in contrast to his average mediocre life. Tyler’s adventurous spirit is seen through the creation of Fight Club where he puts himself in in extreme situations, just to see if he will survive and even when there is no possible way he can survive his adventurous ways he still challenges himself. For instance, in the beginning and end of the novel he is on top of a Skyscraper where a bomb is set to go off at a certain time, he has a pistol in his mouth and is ready to

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