Brokeback Mountain Analysis

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Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx is a heart wrenching short story written with an intimate style that evokes clear imagery in the mind of the reader. Although, only 28 pages in length the short story offered Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana source material that had potential to be expanded and to build upon the already created Midwestern reality. One of the elements altered for the screenplay from the short story is the perspective; which follows the main character, Ennis Del Mar over the course of twenty years. Although, not told through Ennis’ eyes exactly, the reader is given access to his emotional state; meaning his thoughts and feelings are explained more so than any other character. For example: “He had no serious hard feelings, just a vague sense of getting shortchanged, and showed it was all right by taking Thanksgiving dinner with Alma and her grocer and the kids, sitting between his girls and talking horses to them, , telling jokes, trying not to be a sad daddy.” (pg. 16) The screenplay shares a similar perspective, but expands the view to include Jack Twist, moving between the lives of both men throughout the years. However, the screenplay stays true to the source material by paying more attention to the original main character, Ennis. Another element that is changed from the short story to the screenplay is the expansion or flushing out of characters. In Proulx’s story, characters other than Ennis and Jack are mostly referred to, or given glimpses of.

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