Girl Interrupted By Susanna Kaysen

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Girl Interrupted is Susanna Kaysen 's memoir a series of recollections and reflections of her nearly two year stay at a residential psychiatric program at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts. She looks back on it with a sense of surprise. In her memoir she considers how she ended up at McLean, and whether or not she truly belonged there. Each chapter focuses on one aspect of her experience. Founded in the late 19th century, McLean Hospital had been a facility for troubled members of wealthy and aristocratic families. By the late 1960s, however, McLean had fallen into a period neglect. This was a time of great change in the mental health care field. Kaysen grew up in a wealthy and prestigious family. Like most teenagers, she was rebellious at times, confused and unsure about her future. She didn’t want to go to college and slept with her high school English teacher. She witnessed firsthand the widening generation gap that was developing in the late 1960s. Older generations looked at Kaysen’s generation 's world with alarm.
Two years after her suicide attempt, in April of 1967, eighteen-year-old Susanna agrees to enter McLean Hospital having been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or depression. As she wrote in her memoir, “in a strange way [I was] free…[I’d] reached the end of the line. [I] had nothing more to lose. [My] privacy…liberty… dignity: all of this was gone and [I was] stripped down to the bare bones of [myself]." Although Kaysen only planed

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