Give And Take Doormats

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Perspective is an important key to determine an individual’s professional situation. In the book Give and Take, author Adam Grant shows that a change of perspective can help individuals to avoid being doormats and to pursue their personal goals while playing the role of a giver. Putting others’ benefits as a priority may be a method for givers to show their respect and care to others; however, it should not be the only way because it can lead to losing self-respect and blocking the way to success. Individuals who selflessly help others may become as doormats. When they only think about others, they may be stepped over by takers and matchers. However, a change in their perspective of giving can help them to avoid falling into traps and to pursue their professional position. In Chapter 7 of Give and Take, Grant claims, “Once givers start to use their skills in sincerity screening to identify potential takers, they know when to put up their guard” (194). This shows that the givers can protect themselves from takers and matchers if they are willing to change their perspective of giving. For instance, Lillian Bauer, a brilliant, hardworking manager at an elite firm, was too generous and helped others while sacrificed her own interests. Bauer’s generosity harmed her career in that she delayed her promotion. After being pushed over for many times, Bauer figured that she…show more content…
As a reader, I believe Grant’s ideas are very effected and helpful that givers can use them as a tool to protect themselves from the takers. Personally, I have learned from Grant that the successfulness of givers is not measured by how much they can give. Instead, it is measured by how well the givers can balance their self-interest and the benefits of others. Successful givers are the individuals who can maintain their professional situation while
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