Give Credit or Be Punished at the University Essay

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There have been several occasions’ universities expelling students for plagiarism or heard it on the news media about individuals in court over stolen ideas or intellectual property; sister to plagiarism. The rules of plagiarism have changed over the years and have made it difficult for students to write an essay without treading on plagiarism’s rules. How can a student write an essay in his own words without worrying about being accused of plagiarism? I will discuss the “what”, “why”, “when” about plagiarism. Just as there are rules for society, there are rules for writers. What is plagiarism? According to University of Cincinnati Clermont College’s English 2089 textbook, “…plagiarism[s] tend to come down to taking another’s ideas …show more content…

Of course the individuals would have to show authorship and originality. If the facts used in the individuals’ ideas are common knowledge, facts available in a wide variety of sources or facts from your own research then no plagiaristic violation was committed. Rules are created when there is a need. How plagiarism did became a rule for writers? “When the Roman poet Martial accused a rival, Fidentinus, of stealing his verses, he called him a "kidnapper" -- in Latin, plagiarius. The term stuck (Lynch).” Over several years individuals have been known to steal words or ideas from other people. At one time it was considered appropriate to do that. It was acceptable to build on another’s work such as an apprentice to a master craftsman. To mimic work from another was expected. Anyone that would deviate from a master’s work would be considered “presumptuous enough to invent their own plots (Lynch).” Among some of the famous people that stole ideas from others were William Shakespeare and Benjamin Franklin to just name a few. So if it was expected, why now is it considered a social crime? Early 18th century, things started to change. The new “norm” was “originality” Copying from others started to be frowned upon. There were great expectations for new work and imitation or old ideas were out. With that said, “Good authors are original, bad authors copy, and copying is no better than "sordid Theft. (Lynch)." This was the beginning of the writers’

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