Essay on Give Me that Old Time Atheist Religion

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Give Me that Old Time Atheist Religion

Recently, I've noticed that some of my friends have become concerned about me because I'm an atheist. This is odd, because I've never made any secret of that fact, although I don't go around preaching it to anyone who will listen. Ever since I realized that I no longer agreed with any of the religious viewpoints which I was brought up with, I have explained my opinions, as clearly as I can, to those who were interested, curious, or who challenged by beliefs.

Two months ago, I went and visited a friend of mine who lives in another town. She introduced me to some of her best friends, and we began to discuss our viewpoints on different issues. We discussed abortion, politics, and the death …show more content…

Of course not. Does a person need a belief in a god to have meaning in their life? Certainly not. Does a person need a belief in something forever beyond our ability to grasp in order to feel the emotions of joy, worship, or love? Definitely not. And does a person need to believe in any gods in order to have a religion? No!

I have an ethical system. I believe that the highest goal I can pursue in my own life is the attainment of joy for myself. I believe that joy comes from the products of one's mind--whether those products be material (such as a painting a person has done, or a new car that a person has bought from their wages at work) or non-material (a sense of accomplishment, the knowledge that a person has created and brought something completely new into the world, a friendship based on mutual respect, or a romantic relationship between two people who love each other for who and what they are). I believe that since the products of a person's mind are the way to personal joy, the one inalienable right every person has is the right to pursue the fruits of the mind as far as they are able to. Not everyone is going to be able to create as much with their mind as everyone else. Tough. If everyone had a mental capacity that were equal to everyone else's, what meaning could we possibly attach to the product's of one's mind? When

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