Give Up On Love : The Means Of Love

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Many people give up on love once they get hurt, and they think that it is the end of the world. El que ama, sufre; el que sufre, lucha; y el que lucha, vence, which translates to he who loves, suffers; he who suffers, fights; and he who fights, wins. This dicho meaning that the one who loves will get hurt, but will eventually feel that they do not want to go down without a fight, and in the end they will have the desire to feel a sense of happiness and peace that they will end in victory in so many ways.
Some people who have given up on love, have not completely gone through the process of love, which sometimes means that they have to suffer at one point. Loving something or someone may bring suffering, but it can be overcome with a will to fight that will end in victory.
Love is magical and amazing like many people have said, but sometimes those who have lost a loved one will drown themselves in sorrow. The loss of a loved one can slowly kill someone because they know that they can no longer see, talk, or feel them. When someone loses a loved one it is as if a part of themselves was taken away from them, they feel hopeless and useless because they cannot do anything to bring them back. For instance, when my grandfather passed away it took a big toll on my family and it affected us deeply. The one who was affected the most was my grandmother because she had been with him for 38 years and he was her soul mate. After my grandfather passed away, my grandmother started

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