Give Your Child a Chance at Life

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Abortion is one of the many topics that everyone has an opinion about. Whether you are for or against it everyone has an opinion about it. In our society it is a huge controversial issue that everyone is dealing with on a religious, personal or political aspect. Even though it was declared that abortion is a fundamental right in 1973 there is still debate about it on many different levels. Countless religious affiliations are against it, saying that unborn babies are human beings at the moment of conception, and have the right to life. Catholics are one of the biggest groups that is against abortion; it is in their belief that life is sacred from the moment of conception until natural death. In their eyes abortion is morally because it is taking the life of an innocent human being, born or unborn. Whether a human being is five or fifty or even one day old there should be respect for human life. If someone decides to kills a twenty year old girl it is considered murder. Unlike Catholics, many people do not look at abortion as murder, but as a way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Catholics believe that murder is sinful and immoral and that an unborn child should have the option to live and not be murder by it’s own mother. Abortion also defies the sixth commandment from God that states “Thou shalt not kill”. No matter what the circumstances are an innocent human being was conceived and nobody should have the right to take that unborn child’s life away.
Many young girls
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