Gke Task 6

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Task 6
Out of the two vocabulary exercises, Activity 1 of learning “do” and “make” expressions sound more appealing to me more in term of effective activity. First of all, comparing to the second activity, this activity encourages and require the student to understand word’s format (which is mainly verbs here) and function of the word before bringing them into practice in listening speaking and writing. Secondly, since the first step of the activity introduces and presents different expressions with the some of the most commonly use verbs such as “Do” and “Make,” the students would learn many more new vocabularies along the way. Especially once the students get more familiar with word’s pronunciation, prefixes, and suffixes (syntactic and phonological understanding), followed by understanding word’s function, it’s metaphorical meanings, when and where it is appropriate to use them (morphological, pragmatic and semantic understanding). Thus, they can create more complex words and know how to use them effectively.
Furthermore, between the first and second step of the activity, students can note down those new expressive words as the reference in their learning journal, as well as use those notes to practice more with making sentences at home …show more content…

This activity format can be modified to teach grammar effectively as well. One of the few changes I would make to improve this activity is to set some setting for the script’s and performance’s length for better time management. As well as to have more than two groups because the fewer the role, the longer the lines for each performer and therefore, make better and easier for the teacher with individual

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