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Why did Gladstone describe his first ministry as an era of Liberation?
Gladstone first came into power in 1968 aged 59. He dominated British politics from 1868-1894. Many people said that Gladstone was the Liberal party. Gladstone drove the Liberal party to success therefore he was able to describe his first ministry an era of Liberation.
Gladstone’s first ministry was a success. There was aspects to the Liberal that may have helped/hindered the parties success. Gladstone’s Liberal Party was sectioned into different groups. These groups involved the whigs, Peelites, Radicals, and Liberals. In fact Gladstone also had a rival within the party known as Joseph Chamberlain. Gladstone’s came into power in a time when technology was advancing
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This act was no way as popular as the as the Irish Church Act. The reasons being that the Land owners were very sensitive about their land and didn’t anyone messing around with their property rights. This was a hard act to choose if it’s in favour of liberation or not. Overall it’s fifty-fifty as the party was a torn between pleasing the Lords or the lower working class men. An act that was less popular than the Irish Act was the University Act. The liberals set up Roman Catholic University. In the university Modern History, Philosophy and Theology wouldn’t be taught in the. This act was very unpopular and it was defeated in the House of common. Also it didn’t please the catholic Bishops. This was a step too far for the liberals and after it Gladstone offered to resign.
The University act wasn’t liberating or popular. However that does not mean that all the unpopular acts were unpopular. The army reform was very unpopular among the Aristocracy, the Senior Officers and the Conservatives. The Army reform act was very liberating. There were two main reasons for the reform in the army. One of the reasons was the Crimean War 1854-6 in which mare soldiers were killed from disease than the ones that were killed in the war. The second reason was the France-Prussian war 1870. In the war the German army was much disciplined and so do extremely well in the war against France. These two reasons made Gladstone feel that change was needed. So he introduced the reform act.
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