Colonialism In India

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Global distribution of material wealth is a significant ongoing debate in today’s society. Globalization along with social inequality was seen as a direct result of post-colonialism. While some had benefitted from colonialism, others did not. Between two articles, it was proven that cities who failed to benefit from colonialism can thrive due to citizens from beneficial countries. Migrants along with the community were able to benefit financially and economically. Both articles used an observation process for recording data. Finally, migrants in Panama engaged with locals, however, westerners did not socialize with the citizens of India. In the first article presented A Postcolonial Imagination? Westerners searching for Authenticity in India written by Mari Korpela it was portrayed that Westerners who went to India were able to benefit financially, as well as the communities in India itself. Similarly, like other countries, India was colonized by Britain. In previous times during colonization, it was seen as the “white man’s burden’’ (Korpela 2010). Colonialists lived separately from the people in Varanasi, India and did not want to be in the country (Korpela 2010). However, the westerners who were staying in Varanasi simply stayed by choice. Most westerners come from places such as the United States, Canada, and other European countries ( Korpela 2010). These countries were economically developed and were examples of countries who benefited from colonialism and

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