Global Economy And The American Dream

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Even for someone not following politics it’s easy to see today, that world politics are in turmoil. Oil prices have sunk to record lows, putting regions in the Middle East, Russia, and South America in economic crisis. On top of that the whole global economy is in a recession; pushing super powers such as the United States, China, and the European union to take action. All across the world the wealth gap is widening. It seems like for every new billionaire there are another million people in poverty dying of disease. Our one saving grave is democracy and the American dream. As citizens, we have the power to vote for our representatives who we see fit to run the United States. We elect representatives, senators, and the President in good …show more content…

Due to the Citizens United vs. the FEC ruling, super PACs now decide who runs for office. Essentially weakening the American peoples right to true representation, and causing unlikely presidential candidates to rise.
After the Citizen United vs. the FEC Supreme Court ruling, in favor of Citizens United, political campaigns have the ability to raise much greater funds through organizations called super PACs. According to Michael Beckel a political reporter for the Center for Public Integrity, “Officially known as “independent expenditure-only committees”— and unofficially dubbed “super PACs”—these political action committees are able to raise unlimited amounts of money from individuals, corporations, unions, and other organizations” (Beckel 655). On top of the ability to raise unlimited funds, the individuals donating are not required to disclose their names. This could lead to some serious corruption. Super PACs can run as much advertisement either for or against a political candidate, seriously swaying the way citizen’s vote and view a candidate. In fact “super PACs are allowed to use 100 percent of the funds they raise to influence elections” (Beckel 656). No one expected this Supreme Court ruling to have an impact so fast. As stated in an article published by The Nation, “The total number of TV ads for House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates in 2010 was 2,870,000. This was a 250 percent increase over the number of TV ads

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