Global Economy And The American Dream

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Even for someone not following politics it’s easy to see today, that world politics are in turmoil. Oil prices have sunk to record lows, putting regions in the Middle East, Russia, and South America in economic crisis. On top of that the whole global economy is in a recession; pushing super powers such as the United States, China, and the European union to take action. All across the world the wealth gap is widening. It seems like for every new billionaire there are another million people in poverty dying of disease. Our one saving grave is democracy and the American dream. As citizens, we have the power to vote for our representatives who we see fit to run the United States. We elect representatives, senators, and the President in good faith that they will look out for the citizens’ best interest and not for personal gains or being lobbied by corporations. Only seven years ago there was a limit on how much an individual or corporation could fund a certain political campaign. However the Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Supreme Court ruling in 2010 changed the political campaign atmosphere. According to the congressional digest “ The Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United v. FEC decision gave corporations and unions the freedom to spend as much as they want to support or attack candidates” (“Funding”). This ruling drastically changed how campaign funding operates. As a result, more funds are required from special interest groups to pay for
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