Global Ethics for the United States

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The United States of America

What is are EXPORT AND IMPORT trades for this country (or a number of trades)?
More than two-thirds of the United States’ exports are material goods. The other third is made up of capital goods (used to produce other other goods for a company). Some of these exported products include crude oil, kerosene, propane, pharmaceuticals, cell phones, gem diamonds, automobiles and food, feeds and beverages. Majority of these exports go to countries like Canada (19%), Mexico (14%), China (7%) and Japan (4.5%). - Figures estimates as of 2012. (EIA, 2014) (Wikipedia, 2014)

The biggest import for the U.S is industrial machinery and equipment, of which nearly half is crude oil. In addition to this are imports of fuel oil ($46 billion), petroleum products ($50 billion) and natural gas ($9 billion). Other large industrial imports are iron and steel products ($30 billion), chemicals ($25 billion), fertilizers ($16 billion). There are also many other miscellaneous imports.

The United States imports more than it exports, and this creates a trade deficit of five hundred and forty billion dollars. Even though America exports billions of dollars in oil, consumer goods and automotive products, it imports more even more. (, 2013)

At what age is a person expected to work in this country?
The minimum working age in the U.S varies depending on the age of the individual in correlation with the job and skills involved. As a general rule the Fair Labor Standards

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