Global Integrated Supply Chain Management

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Modern global integrated supply chains couldn’t be global or integrated without a modern technological infrastructure to act as both supply chains connective tissue and nervous system. While modern supply chain executives are expected to have a grasp of modern business technology, the thought of actually making technology related decisions can be scary for even the most senior executives. So, what should supply chain managers expect their system software and hardware to do for their supply chain? In this paper, I will talk about how online purchasing at McDonalds affect the technology and supply chain management (Carr, 2016).

Quality Improvement Method There’s a major growing trend in the online ordering industry, the airlines have been doing it for years and then with amazon had the books ordered online. In the restaurants are kind of slow to reach it but they are joining like gangbusters. Large chain restaurants are having great results ordering online. For example, Five Guys hamburgers reports twenty five percent improvement and take out sales due to online order. Papa John’s pizza reports growth that their online order themselves are an average of fifty percent (Carr, 2016). One technique that I would use to encourage adoption is to give discounts to franchisees who have adopted the online ordering system in their restaurants to attract the franchisee who have not adopted to using the system. I would also install the system to my franchisees who have not installed…
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