Global Issue: Women’s Rights

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At the age of six, most girls are not yet ready to be married. Six years old is when children are supposed to begin going to school, making new friends, and exploring their new freedom and independence. However, this was not the case for a young girl named Tahani who lives in Hajjah, Yemen. At the age of six, Tahani was forced to be married to a man more than four times her age. Tahani’s young marriage resulted in a lack of education and regular subjection to beatings and sexual assault by her husband (Sinclair). While conditions for women in developed countries have drastically improved over the last few centuries, in third-world areas, stories like Tahani’s are still very common. Despite advances in equality, girls all over the world are still forced into marriage at very young ages, denied their right to education, and made the victims of domestic violence and rape. Millions of girls each year are forced into marriage as children, often to men several times their age. The rates of girls being forced into marriage under the age of eighteen in developing countries around the world is as much as one in five, and as many as one in nine girls are married by the age of fifteen (“Early and Forced Marriage – Facts, Figures, and What You Can Do”). While these rates are decreasing, the progress is very slow, and it is predicted that another 100 million girls will be married as children over the course of the next decade. Girls married young are not only deprived of

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