Global Security Contexts In Rainbow Six By Tom Clancy

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“Sua sponte”, which is Latin for “Of their own accord” has a few contexts. In law, it means an action taken without request from other people or parties, often by a judge. In the military, it is the motto of the U.S. Army’s 75th Airborne Ranger Regiment. Both contexts are relevant to the novel of Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy, the story of the origin of an international NATO-based joint special operations/counterterrorism task force. All of the plans are in place for “the Project”, directed by Horizon Corporation CEO Dr. John Brightling and his security assistant/CEO of Global Security, Inc. Bill Henriksen. Tough and lethal, the virus Shiva has finally finished testing and is ready for use at the Olympics in Australia as the Project’s …show more content…

Eventually, an all-out battle occurs in and around the hospital, and everyone in the PIRA cell is either killed or captured. Incensed at the attack on his mother-in-law and his pregnant wife, and also therefore his future son, Chavez is more than willing to resort to a few “old-fashioned” techniques to get the Irishmen talking. Not to mention they killed two of his colleagues and injured four more; among the injured is his Team One counterpart Peter Covington (“Rainbow One-Six”) and the assistant director of Rainbow Alistair Stanley (“Rainbow Five”). Who would dare think that they could possibly hurt, much less take out, some of the best-trained special forces operators in the entire world? A bruised ego and dead colleagues prove to be a toxic mix for the ex-7th Light Infantry Division soldier. On the other side, more humane instincts appeal to him. After all, Chavez is a professional soldier; having that title means that he can inflict whatever pain is necessary on enemy combatants on the battlefield, but once they are no longer on the battlefield, they are no longer combatants, and the rules say you cannot harm non-combatants. Despicable acts, such as torture, are things terrorists do, and are therefore beneath him. Both parts of his conscience tug at him intensely for a few hours, which is not a very long time,

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