Global System For Mobile Communications

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CEL-TEL Communications Executive Summary CEL – TEL introducing to market its cellular phone and its accessories. Cellular Phones which will be available in the market would be a GSM one. This system started in Europe countries and United states is one of the country which is adapted this system. Hence GSM- Global system for mobile communications - it is a globally adapted the main or greatest advantage of the system is one can use this type of mobile anywhere in the world. Mobile Phone market has a huge demand to improve the service and function from manufacturer’s perspective. Globally , Mobile phones became an important part of peoples life. The life time changes as per the use of devices . In North America , people uses it as a tool than an entertainment and it lasts for 4-5 years before its replaced where as in Japan it is a fraction of this time. We believe that the operations in United States we have started in the right time and in the right locations. CEL-TEL Communications will provide customer support and its convenience second to none. Situation Analysis SWOT ANALYSIS Strength The main strength is Goodwill and Brand name of CEL-TEL Innovation of CEL-TELL and its Design Production Cost is Comparatively Low Largest shares in Mobile phones and has leading position in sales globally Weekness Globally Brand awareness are not up to the bench mark. Product Promotional activities needs to be improved. No of similar products available in market
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