The Life Cycle Of The Lifecycle Of A Mobile Phone

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Lifecycle of a Mobile phone A product passes through different stages during its entire lifespan. Each phase has its own characteristics which mainly defines the performance of the product (Stark, 2015). It is these unique characteristics that mark the end of one stage and the onset of another. The present article focused on the lifecycle of a mobile phone. The first phase of the lifecycle of a mobile phone is referred as the introduction stage. During this phase, the mobile phone is just a new product. The phone is in good shape with little or no defects. Its rate of power consumption is splendid and all the safety features are functional. At this stage, the warranty for the new phone is valid, and in case of any defect, the owner can …show more content…

The final stage through which a product passes is referred as the decline stage. At this stage, the product is approaching the end of its lifespan. The product is characterized by major defects that include malfunctioning of batteries, broken screens, and erratic behavior of the controls and displays (Stark, 2015). Such issues significantly impair the functioning of the product and in most cases such functions cannot be retrieved even with the best technical support. At this stage, the efficiency of the phone greatly declines. Moreover, such issues are very expensive to rectify. Due to the inefficiency of the product, it is finally disposed of either by selling it to a dealer or by withdrawing its operations. Disposal of Compact Discs (CDs) In my neighborhood, the most commonly used method of disposal of Compact Discs (CDs) is by shredding the discs using a shredding machine and then disposing the shredded parts into a garbage pit or a landfill. This method is used by most people in the neighborhood as it seems to be less toxic to the environment (Al-Salem, Lettieri & Baeyens, 2009). The community in which I live does not have a mechanism through which such wastes can be recycled. Just like me, most of the people shred their waste Compact Discs (CDs), with the exception of a few who burn while others bury them into pits. The community does not have any facility for recycling

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