Essay on Global Warming

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Since the Industrial Revolution, factories have been polluting the air and unknowingly contributing to the process known today as global warming. Even to this day, people proceed to do detrimental things to the environment. Global warming is one of the gravest issues the world faces nowadays. With all the other concerns society has to face, it is essential that people act out now and do what is necessary to establish a brighter future. By using appropriate procedures to conserve energy and save natural resources, people can counteract the process of global warming and its disastrous effects.
When global warming is disregarded, serious consequences affect the lives of many organisms on earth. Change in weather conditions is one of the …show more content…

In other cases, creatures will be forced to leave their habitats and migrate to more suitable environments.
Although many scientists argue that global warming is a natural process, it is apparent that certain human activities enhance the progression at which it transpires. These activities cause excessive amounts of carbon dioxide to set off into the atmosphere, which in turn prevent heat from escaping the earth and slowly cause our ozone layer to deplete. Burning of fossil fuels is the most common example of carbon dioxide release. Humans burn these natural resources in order to obtain gas necessary for transportation methods. Gas is needed in nearly all automobiles, buses, planes, and trains. In addition, vehicles also produce exhaust, further polluting the air. Deforestation augments the greenhouse effect as well. Plant life engrosses carbon dioxide just as humans take in oxygen. When land is cleared, a great deal of vegetation is removed along with it. Because of these actions, carbon dioxide that remains unabsorbed by plants is left in the atmosphere. Another gas by the name of methane is also harmful to the environment. Methane is produced from multiple natural sources; however, methane that is derived from cattle and rice paddies especially pertains to humans who produce them in large quantities. Crops like rice paddies are also enriched with chemical fertilizers containing yet another dangerous gas, nitrogen oxide. These causes are a chain reaction,

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