Essay On Global Warming And Global Warming

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Global Warming helped Stronger Disasters
Throughout this fall season we suffered a variety of natural disasters, from earthquakes to landslides and hurricanes to flooding it seems unusual to beget so many disasters around the world. The worst part is that they’re getting stronger because of global warming.Global Warming is the cause of many things:warming temperatures, sea levels,and stronger hurricanes, making these events more devastating to our states. Politicians argue that climate change isn’t real because they can’t handle the fact that we are to blame for polluting our earth and making it warmer which is increasing the strength of our natural disasters. As we are planning for future natural disasters, we must learn why and how these storms are getting stronger. Global Warming is increasing the severity of natural disasters, making more destruction, so we need to terminate it. [Global Warming is increasing the overall temperature of our earth’s atmosphere which is making ice caps and glaciers melt making the ocean bigger and rougher. In fact, “Scientists said about 1°F out of the 5°F East Coast water temperature anomaly may have been due to manmade global warming”(Freeman n.p.), Which will make the hurricanes bigger and stronger, making more damage to our country and our households. In addition, our ice caps and glaciers are melting at a fast rate, which holds fresh water that researchers and explorers store for future use. “In fact, over the last 100

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