Global Warming and Christian Stewardship Essay

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There is, perhaps, no more pressing an issue that impacts the future of the human race than the debate over global warming. Whether global warming is occurring as part of a natural cycle of the earth or through CO2 emissions introduced into the atmosphere by mankind, has yet to be empirically proven. However, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that mankind’s contribution may be considerable enough to warrant a change in human habits. According to an article written by Rich Deem, atmospheric CO2 levels indicate a spike of 70 ppm—the quickest rise in CO2 levels over the last 650,000 years (2005). The best scientific evidence has been unable to find any natural causes, suggesting that if mankind fails to act, atmospheric CO2 levels will …show more content…

Although defeatists do not share the belief that the physical world is evil, they do believe that the earth “is wasting away," and therefore it "does not matter what one does about the…earth or environment” (Lewis, 2005). Rather than wasting time preserving or protecting the precious resources God has bestowed upon mankind, defeatists believe that the witnessing and saving of souls is a better use of their time (Lewis, 2005). Although it is true that saving souls is the highest priority for all Christians, neglecting to care for God’s creation is not an option Christians have the luxury of deliberating over. Besides, it is not likely that the time salvaged from neglecting to care for the environment would actually be used to save souls. In fact, if the behavior of the majority of American Christianity is any indication, it is probably more likely that both dualists and defeatist would waste their “soul-saving” time in their exclusive Christian circle of friends.
Regardless of whether a Christians hold to a defeatist, dualist, or biblically optimist view, one thing that all Christians should agree on is that all of creation, including the earth, belongs to God. All creatures and all

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