Global Warming is a Hoax Essay

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The essay opens up with McKibben talking about how the political campaign against global warming is flawed because at our current point there is nothing much that can be done to fix it.(Mckibben,1) He then goes to state that humans are the biggest culprit behind global warming and supports this by giving examples such as SUVs and American ignorance.(2,9) He concludes by saying that if ten percent of America were to go green, it still would not save the planet, but ten percent could get the government’s attention to pass laws making everyone go green. (11) To start my response, I am of a personal belief that global warming is a hoax. Over the course of my education, many of the arguments for global warming have been disproven to me. My …show more content…

Rising water temperatures actually have beneficial effects on coral. It is like leaving a plant in the sun. I watched a documentary where the famous marine biologist, Jean-Michel Cousteau, talks about the Great Barrier Reef and how temperature affects it. Normally it sits comfortably between 85 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures lower than 70 can cause the coral to turn white and die. However, after the existing coral dies, new coral grows on top of it and the cycle starts again. Aside from this this, coral has been known to adapt to survive in waters where the temperature can get below 60 or rise above 90. So the coral population is in no real danger. Another point he makes is that Polar bears are getting scrawnier because the seal habitat has declined because global warming causes the ice to melt. This is false. A common fact global warming supporters forget to mention is that arctic and Antarctic snowfall replenish the ice each year. Polar bears and seals are more in danger of poaching than losing their habitat to global warming. Both species are on the endangered list. However, weighing anywhere between 775 to 1,200 pounds. Polar bears are still the largest species of bear living on the planet. So, in short, I have spent an hour and a half of my time to respond to a person who doesn’t know what he is talking about, doesn’t cite his research, and is arguing for a theory that I myself haven’t found to be credible or factual. I’m glad I could

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