Globalization 's Time Is Up By James Howard Kunstler

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James Howard Kunstler is an environmental author residing in the state of New York. He contributed a piece to The Guardian Weekly, in 2005, entitled, “Globalization’s Time Is Up”, which acknowledges that our social infrastructure hangs by a thread, and that thread is cheap energy and global peace. Globalization, Kunstler notes, and its irresponsible consumption of linear resources, will drive humanity to war, in the race for the worlds remaining oil. His argument is a strong but there is an enthymeme left unaddressed. Business ethics, linearity and planned obsolescence are problematic attitudes within the essay’s arguments but Kunstler never emphasizes on them beyond colorful words and finger pointing “cheerleaders”. The author also fails to supply solutions to the issues he raises, which leaves readers numb and helpless. Nonetheless, he touches base on things that most of us refuse to admit in order to keep our comfort zone intact. It is neglected facts like these that have led us into an age of ignorance and that is strange considering we live in a time where information is more accessible than ever before, thanks to the internet.
First and foremost, Kunstler investigates our history of la belle époque and the war of 1914. According to the author, la belle époque’s coal energy was the beginning of globalization but this flourishing period ended because of WW1, and it is possible that the transition from coal to oil could have also played a factor in its end. After the

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