Gloria Prieto Biography

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On January 8, 2001, I was born as the 5th child of Antonio Ramirez and Angelica Prieto. Due to assimilation and that very often, cultural names in western countries bring racist associations, I was named Britney Trish Ramirez. I was born the youngest of two brothers, Anthony and Neil, and two sisters, Angelica and Ascencion. Although I was born in Dallas, Texas, my parents who are Mexican immigrants, raised us speaking Spanish and in Mexican culture.

Growing up, we lived (and currently live) in Oak Cliff. At around age 3, I went to pre-school, at a chain school named Mi Escuelita. My first friends were my teachers; they always provided understanding and sparked my love and ambition for learning. My most memorable moment there was when I learned to spell my name. It gave me a sense of self and identity, which is important. As a child, my parents were always working so my grandmother, Gloria Prieto, raised us and eventually lived with us. I even lived with her in Mexico City, Mexico from my birth until I was one. The first time I experienced something beautiful was the day of the virgin Guadalupe, where a celebration was held in la Basilica de Santa Maria de Guadalupe in Mexico City, Mexico. When I entered elementary school, she moved in with my aunt, who resides in Arlington, but visited me on weekends. …show more content…

In Elementary, I really enjoyed coming to school and learning about things I was interested in. At age 6, my older brother, Anthony, passed away in a car accident. This was a hard time for my family, but we eventually got through it. My Grandmother moved back in with us after

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