5th Grade Research Paper

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My head is spinning from all the awesome memories from Lake Elmo Elementary, K-5th grade. I’ve been through so much during my years here. Every day I learn something new. Although times can be tough, I have my teachers and friends to help me get through it. My experience here has been wonderful. Kindergarten and 1st grade have been great, 2nd and 3rd grade were amazing, 4th grade was the best, and 5th grade was extraordinary. I think school is about the little things that change your mind and the way you see the world.
Kindergarten and 1st grade was an introduction to Lake Elmo Elementary. In kindergarten, my teacher was Mrs. Mankowski. She was really funny and always made everyone laugh. Ms. Dawn was a student teacher, who was very nice and helpful. She was my favorite part about kindergarten because she always made sure my friend, Krista and I were partnered up. Kindergarten was great because we did many of fun things like having the Halloween parade and a 6th grade buddy. In 1st grade, Mrs. Tibbitts was my teacher. She still remembers me and hugs me every time we see each other. Before 1st grade, I had no idea how to …show more content…

Again, I was that silent kid. I took speech classes because I couldn’t pronounce my R's. Mrs. Christensen was my teacher. She was the best because she was funny, kind, and helpful. She helped me get into C.M.L and G.A.T.E.S again. She also helped me enjoy math and science enormously. C.M.L was really fun. In C.M.L, we celebrated Pi day by eating pies, and on the last day of C.M.L, I ate pizza and cupcakes. I remember that my best friend, Katelyn, and I would always swing on the swings every single day. I said, “I’m bored.” Katelyn replied, “Well, you can play with me.” That was how Katelyn and I met. She understands me better than any other person. My favorite field trips were going to Crystal Cave, the Bakken Museum, and on a boat with our kindergarten buddies, which were super fun. I hoped 5th grade could top 4th

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