Goals Before College

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The passion that drives me to wake up early , to attend school and take five classes. Work up to 40 hours a week or more, are my dreams,my determination and a plan to receive my degree from an “AA” up to PH.D. I would have to believe in myself to accomplish these plans. My second dream is to move out of South central/Watts , where the youth are dis courage to exceed in school just because “it is not socially accepted” .(Courage To Learn, Daniel Ortega) I'm repeatedly seeing friends and foes falling deeper to addictions , in and out of jail, it's just like a cycle they seem to not break away from . The worry that I have is getting involved something negative, that can possibly would stop me from attending school, besides that nothing else …show more content…

I would love to have these skill for plenty reason, for example what if I need to change my brake lights, for a car that I am not capable of doing , so I would to pay money to pepboys to do for me. I would be saving me time and money, if I was capable to do it myself. Simple things like this should be second nature to most men. In the future maybe in ten years, I would want for my kids to be educated. I would also want to support my kids not only financially but be there for them in their darkest nights because I know I would love to have this support when I was going up, in my personal experiences. I sense this would boost their rate at succeeding and guiding in the right path in their own lives . Nothing in life is easy, life is unfair so we have to adjust to it . I know this is really difficult task to do but nothing is easy in life, yes I have to be repetitive with that sentence. What I think what all my goals have common is I would need support , help and a lot of self motivation to be who I aim to …show more content…

Verbal learning is alternative way I learn , reading books and falling in love them is a endless feeling. Engaging into debates, arguments or simply conversing about the same topic can be so exciting but eye opening, at least to me. These two styles of learning are creative way of learning and the best way for me to exceed in my education. Overall by reading the first pages in the book I think this class is going to be fun but very helpful, I truly think not only will I grow mentally but have different points of

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