Goals After High School

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College is very different than high school. So many challenging homework and courses to participate in. That is why my three goals for my career are as follows: I want to receive my college diploma, get a better career path, and learn some new things. There are many things I have to do in order to achieve these goals. With hard work and dedication, I am ver confident I can do this. Graduating high school was fairly easy for me. I was blessed with being smart academically and a quick learner as well. As I started college, I began to realize courses get much harder and very time consuming. That is why I try to put in extra free time towards studying and researching things that I do not have good understanding in. I am very determined …show more content…

I want to be able to become a healthcare administrator. A diploma opens the door towards that career. This means I can finally acquire a better job and better source of income for my family. Any mother will know how important this is with trying to raise two kids. The cost of living and everyday necessities are always rising. So a better career path is a must for me. I like a good challenge. Especially ones that really make you think on things. It strengthens the mind and broadens your thinking. That is why I enjoy learning new things as much as I can. There are so many choices of classes that Colorado Christian University offers students. This gives me the opportunity to not only learn what I need to but, also a chance to learn something new as well. You can keep it interesting while getting closer to your career path. Have fun while working hard towards your goals. My goals for completing college couldn't be done without hard work. It may be a struggle but I know in the end it will be worth it. I will graduate and start a new career path in life. They say that nothing in life comes to us easily. I’m just thankful to be at a college centered around God. So, with that in mind and by the grace of God, I believe I can accomplish anything! Just have to put my mind to it and go for the

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