God Is a Perfect Poet Essay

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“God is a perfect poet” (Robert Browning). Everything which He does is closely linked. He creates the world, makes human, gives them a chance to live, helps them when they need, and challenges their belief in Him. His challenges can lead them to be a hero or a villain. Heroes and villains are two antagonistic poles. They parallel coexist in the life and create the balanced world. While heroes symbolize hopes and goodness, villains represent evil and hell on Earth. Although the meaning of them is quite opposite, a boundary between heroes and villains is so fragile. The reason why the partition object is not firm is because always having a hero and a villain exist inside everyone. Consequently, people have to choose a role which they want to …show more content…

Therefore, they have to work with a low salary or for free for the rich people. Bach Hai Duong could not close his eyes when he saw the bad situation, so he took the rich’s money to give to the poor. Although he helped many people escaped from poverty, his way which he used broke the law. Consequently, he was caught and had to be punished. It is not matter that he is seen a criminal by the law; but most of Vietnamese still have called him was the hero up to now. Besides justice and humanity, the truth is also a significant factor which heroes concern about. Last year, American government was perturbed because of Edward Snowden. He is a former CIA employee, and former NSA contractor; therefore, he knew a deal of secret important information about American government. With his heroic traits, he could not keep silent about American government snoops residents’ private life. By releasing the information, he warned the resident know their private life are menaced. Edward betrayed American government but he brought the truth to the residents. Marcus Tullius Cicero says “the more laws, the less justice.” Sometimes, people need to break rules to bring a justice life to everyone. Therefore, a person who is brave to do good things illegally is meritorious enough to be called a hero.
Besides breaking rules to make a justice life, rules are not right is also a reason why heroes disobey laws. Law is made by legislatures. There are groups of

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