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My God Sent Angel
Have you ever met someone and felt like you have been struck by Cupids arrow? Is this love you might ask yourself, or is it just lustful tendencies hiding behind romance? My relationships with woman have always been met with challenges. I lacked the tools necessary to keep a relationship afloat, and my views on woman were one that only satisfied my libido. That was until I came across this amazing woman named Caren. This woman carried a message that enlightened me to examine my views on woman and the relationships I have with them.
I met Caren back in September of 2010 at a local A.A. meeting that was being held in a church attic. I was very shy and nervous about being there. I was all of 30 days sober and the
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I was finding it hard to concentrate on the speaker who was sharing his experience, strength, and hope with the group. I recall my wondering eyes finding refuge and comfort on the woman next to me. She was stretching out those long legs and I kept thinking to myself that she was doing this to get my attention. The thought of her flirting with me had entered my mind. “I wonder what her name is, and where she’s from,” I thought to myself. The speaker wrapped up his share and the floor was open for discussion. The woman next to me raised her hand up and said “hi my name is Caren and I’m an alcoholic.” I remember her sharing her thoughts with the group, but I wasn’t paying too much attention to her words, as I was still lusting over her physical presence. When out of the blue my attention was diverted from the physical to the spiritual manor, and with her words I heard something that I will never forget. “The truth will set you free.” After the meeting, Caren and I got to talking and that was the start of our amazing journey.
It wasn’t long before my plutonic relationship with Caren ended up becoming physical. With me just getting sober and Caren going through her divorce, we were two very needy people. She was very suspect about the timing and a little hesitant about moving forward with it. But we did anyway. We were both alcoholics, and if something feels good we want more of it no matter
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