God Should be Kept in the Pledge of Allegiance Essay

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Did you know that in most public schools, students recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day? As an attendant of a public school, one would come in every morning and before starting class, one would recite the pledge just like any other day. Most Americans are familiar with the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, but recently, a commotion has brewed over two words, “under God,” which were added in 1954. To little surprise, “under God” does not have to be spoken. It is completely optional to say the Pledge, yet this has become a huge controversy spiraling into lawsuits and heated debates. The phrase “under God” does not imply nor enforce any doctrine on Americans; it simply represents the fact that this nation was built with …show more content…

Some may argue that the phrase’s addition to the Pledge of Allegiance is an attempt on Congress’ behalf for a religious purpose. To excuse this attempt is to overlook the underlining influences that are put on schoolchildren daily and to endanger the schoolchildren’s religious liberty(Choper). However, every day schoolchildren are bombarded with different opinions and ideas from media, friends, and their surroundings. For example, a child sees their favorite athlete on television, speaking praise of his God, and suddenly, that kid wants to learn more about Christianity. Or, lets say a child is walking home with a friend and they pass by an older, popular student reading about atheism and they too become sparked with interest. Every day people live life, and they form opinions through the events that take place in their life. Religious liberty is about learning what one’s beliefs are on one’s own through one’s experiences. No one can be forced to believe something; whether or not they believe something is their personal business. Repeating the Pledge is just a way of proclaiming one’s pride in being an American and acknowledging the fact that America is a humble country that expresses consent to a higher authority. For those who say “under God” violates religious freedoms because it is a religious pledge that

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