Good And Evil In Beowulf A New Telling By Robert Nye

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Beowulf a New Telling by Robert Nye was very interesting but not altogether satisfactory and one of the very interesting parts was the memory that stirred in Grendel’s heart but one of the unsatisfactory parts was the ending and the conclusion I can draw about the features of the work is that Beowulf a New Telling by Robert Nye is a thrilling tale about Beowulf who is trying to rid the land of the Danes and the land of the Geats of evil. There were also many relationships between light and darkness (good and evil) in people but the main one was in Beowulf. For example, in chapter 6 on page 40, Beowulf has elements of lightness when he says, “light holds you, Grendel. Light has you in its power. You, who have shunned the sun, meet me, once stung by bees that drank the sun. There is honey in my veins, Grendel, a liquid sunlight that can kill you quite.” This contrasts with his elements of bad in chapter 11 on page 76 when he says “By my own bad, please don’t think of me as some saint. That would make me as monstrous as Grendel, though in the other direction. Majesty of all the Danes, sweet Wealtheow, you see before you a hero who has come through many kinds of high adventures only to foul of his own weakness.”

Robert Nye (the author) also used a quite a few techniques when writing Beowulf a New Telling. One technique the author might have used were some similes. One simile that was used was, “Fighting that monster, why, it’s like fighting the sea! You can’t win!” Another

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