Good Dog Life Jacket

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A good dog life jacket is an absolute necessity for the safety of your dog when near water. Many dogs and their owners are wonderful swimmers. The dogs that love to swim are usually of a certain type of breed. In truth, not all dogs actually know how to swim, even though people think they can. In order to protect your dog from drowning, you want him to wear a life jacket that is designed for dogs, and use good common sense anytime your dog is around the water.

Many factors can have an effect on your dog. The first thing you want to consider is what the water conditions will be. You want to see if the water will be fast moving, if there will be tall waves, or if the National Weather Service has warned about Rip Tides. For those taking their …show more content…

There are some that truly love the water and are natural swimmers. Others tolerate it when the factors are right, and still others who are just terrified of it. Even if your dog is a good swimmer, he Dog Life Jacketcould start to have problems as he ages, gains weight, or gets sick. Also, larger breed dogs could develop hip or joint problems and end up having difficulty manoeuvring in the water. A breed of dog that is very lean and has very low amounts of body fat can have difficulty staying afloat. Most importantly, you should realize that a sudden fall into the water can make your dog very anxious and fearful, which inhibits him from knowing what to do.

Not only can a dog life jacket provide a measure of safety, but it can also give you a little piece of mind. Most importantly, the dog life jacket will enable you dog to stay afloat until he can be rescued. In order to prevent drowning, it is crucial that your dog can stay afloat. If your dog falls overboard or off a dock, he can quickly become disoriented and full of anxiety, which will fatigue him quickly. If you are in an area with fast currents, even a good swimming dog may not be able to get back to the boat. Putting a dog life jacket on your pet is the best way to keep him afloat until help can reach

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