Good Looks Over Health? Essay

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Good Looks over Health?
What exactly is an anabolic steroid? It is a performing enhancement drug that increases the levels of testosterone and growth of skeletal muscles in the body (Gething 235). It seems like everyone’s dream drug, right? If a person takes this, they will become enormous and look as good as they always dreamed of. But what most people did not know is that steroids cause a lot of damage to the body as well. Not only do they harm a person physically, but they confuse them psychologically. Plus, one of the most common side effects of taking steroids is acne, which is the complete opposite of good looking. Steroids cause major damages throughout the body, effecting mental and physical health, and those who take them, risk their health, all for good looks and big gains. Is it all worth it?
Steroids were invented in the 1930s and became popular in society with the rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger. As he and the entire bodybuilding community used them, they gained popularity in other sports and even normal, everyday people. This was before people knew about the risks and health factors and therefore “…between 2.9% and 4% of Americans have used AAS [anabolic-androgenic steroids] at some point in their lives, nearly double the rate of heroin use…” (Murray 198). People who use steroids use them to gain more muscle mass and cut down on fat to make them more appealing to others. However, how do steroids make people so big? When people workout, it breaks down muscle

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